Description of Services

To meet the particular needs and diverse expectations of all our clients, PAQUETTE offers services under three main market categories:

Operating based on these distinct categories helps us ensure that our services are optimally suited to the needs and situation of each client. Everyone receives top-quality services in the most timely manner possible, thanks to the solid field experience of our professionals.


Our PAQUETTE WEB platform gives our clients secure remote access to various reports associated with their projects, as well as to their billing records. They can also use it to request a document pick-up or procedure.



Because we offer services from our three offices in Brossard, Laval and Montreal, our clients save a lot on the mileage travelled by our bailiffs, which is billed from their starting point.


PAQUETTE has built up a reputation as a leader in the legal and public service communities. In addition to traditional services such as service of legal documents, execution of judgments, and factual reports, we offer complementary specialized court messenger and amicable collection services.

As regards public agencies, municipalities and schoolboards in particular rely on our expertise for auction sales, Denver boots, and tax collecting. With our broad range of services and our team’s proven expertise, you can trust PAQUETTE, no matter the circumstance.

The issues that lead individuals and landlords to use the services of a bailiff are particular to them. PAQUETTE has established a line-up of services addressing their most common concerns: matters associated with the Régie du logement, cases in small claims court, problems related to condominiums, etc. With a good understanding of the justice system and the legal process, PAQUETTE is able to provide courteous, attentive service to each one of our clients in this category.

PAQUETTE has established a range of business services for financial institutions and businesses in general whose activities require special or characteristic interventions. Our team is able to provide comprehensive services and professional guidance to our business clients.

Code of ethics: our team, open and transparent

All of the bailiffs on the PAQUETTE team adhere to the Code of ethics of bailiffs in everything they say and do. Our bailiffs are covered by professional liability insurance individually adjusted to the duties and responsibilities of each one.

In addition to our bailiffs’ professional code of ethics, we have instituted a code of ethics for all PAQUETTE staff. This code sets rules for the confidentiality of information and the protection of privacy, conflicts of interest, and professional ethics. We make sure every member of our team adheres to a code of conduct that is above reproach, which has led to our reputation for integrity, loyalty, and honesty.

Our team works in a highly professional setting and in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Our turnkey services are delivered in the interest of justice and with a view to meeting our clients’ actual needs.