Service area

PAQUETTE’s operations are not limited by borders. In the Greater Montreal area, our team directly serves more than 300 municipalities from our offices in Brossard, Laval and Montreal. In the rest of Quebec, Canada, and the United States, and even in several European countries and elsewhere around the world, a vast network of reliable correspondents who share our values help us extend our operations without worrying about borders.

List of service areas

  • Area covered directly by our bailiffs on a daily basis.

  • Montreal

215, St.Jacques Street,
suite 600
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H2Y 2W7
(T) 514.284.1007
(F) 514.982.3133

  • Brossard

6185, Taschereau Blvd
suite 255
Brossard (Quebec)
Canada J4Z 1A6
(T) 450.928.9020
(F) 450.670.8458

  • Laval

3100, Le Carrefour Blvd
suite 320
Laval (Quebec)
Canada H7T 2K7
(T) 450.967.8997
(F) 450.967.4337