Service of Legal Documents

PAQUETTE is Quebec’s leading bailiff firm. Our success is without a doubt due to our team’s expertise, discipline, and professionalism. High-quality work, quick delivery and reduced costs: when you have PAQUETTE working for you, you always come out on top!

Year in and year out, we serve and execute about 360,000 legal documents and judgments. Our team can confidently process a very high volume of requests in a short period of time. With unremitting productivity we work 24/7 over a vast area: more than 300 municipalities in the Greater Montreal area and all judicial districts in Quebec through our network of correspondents.

We also created a department dedicated to service requests in Canada, the United States and around the world. Our experienced staff is there for you, anywhere in the world.

The fact that we offer services from our three offices in Brossard, Laval and Montreal gives our clients a clear monetary advantage. With each office serving as a potential starting point, we are able to keep the billable mileage travelled by our bailiffs down for our clients. PAQUETTE IS THE ONLY BAILIFF FIRM TO OFFER THIS ADVANTAGE.

Discipline and diligence for every job, big or small

Our professionals fulfill all service requests with discipline and diligence to optimize their operations and keep billable costs down. Our bailiffs normally make a first service attempt within 24 hours of receiving a request.

We can fulfill a high volume of requests within a short timeframe and in several locations at once. As well, with our bailiffs and customer care officers’ significant combined experience, we are able to support our clients’ business vision and provide them with professional guidance.

Guaranteed quality and efficiency

PAQUETTE uses powerful software to control quality. Service deadlines are closely monitored at all times and our clients can confidently expect that services will be carried out at the most appropriate times. This way we can maximize the number of services made in person. Thanks to this tracking ability, our managers can ensure that deadlines are met, or make adjustments if need be. Keeping the number of failed service attempts at a minimum helps us keep costs down for our clients.

PAQUETTE has put together a team of customer care officers who ensure a constant line of communication between our bailiffs and each client. Having a single customer care officer permanently assigned to you means that you only ever have to deal with one person. This individual is either a bailiff or at least has a paralegal college diploma. All of your requests are forwarded to this person, who coordinates the work with our team, controls the quality of the work, and monitors your case.

During normal business hours, PAQUETTE has a team of commissioners at your disposal to pick up your proceedings. Every one of them is committed to providing prompt, courteous, and highly professional services. We guarantee speedy and effective service, even on the tightest deadlines.

Our court runners are responsible for taking any and all steps in court required by our clients. PAQUETTE covers all judicial and administrative tribunals in the Greater Montreal area on a daily basis.


PAQUETTE has created an elite team to carry out urgent requests. Outside office hours, this service is handled by a partner on duty in direct contact with our phone service, ready to provide 24/7 service. When an emergency call comes in, he speaks directly to the client and dispatches our emergency team as needed based on the situation, and monitors operations. Our 24/7 emergency squad is composed of seasoned bailiffs. They can take action immediately and without advance notice. Our emergency team can act in several locations at once and thus minimize execution times. Quick, reliable, and effective!

Our sizeable, effective emergency team is a great strength for PAQUETTE and contributes significantly to our reputation.

PAQUETTE is able to fulfill your service requests with characteristic professionalism in other Canadian provinces, America, several European countries and other places around the world.

Our customer care officers specializing in international services are highly competent and know the rules and regulations for serving documents and legal proceedings outside Quebec inside and out, along with the rules of the Hague Convention on the service abroad of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters. You can count on us. Borders are no issue!