A bailiff has paid you a visit and you want to pay the amount owing…

We have added a secure link to different financial institution websites to help you make online payments. This payment service is for debtors to pay statements of offence, enforcement notices, etc. Just click on your financial institution’s logo below:

Four simple steps for setting up your online payment:

  1. Open a session in your online banking account;
  2. Add Paquette & Associés en fidéicommis as the recipient or provider, depending on your institution (search Paquette);
  3. Enter the series of 14-digit court number or file number on the document you were given. If the number does not contain 14 digits, complete the series by adding 0s at the end, for a total of 14 digits;
    • For example, if your file number is 500-22-123456-111, you will have to enter the following series: 50022123456111. If your file number is 17012345, you will have to enter 17012345000000.
  4. Make your payment by selecting Paquette & Associés en fidéicommis as a recipient and indicating the amount required;


If you see INDEX THE CLIENT NUMBER, you have not selected the right provider, which should be Paquette & Associés en fidéicommis.

If the series of numbers is not entered correctly, a search will be required to find your file and additional fees might apply.

If the payment is made after the deadline stated in the notice received, additional fees will apply. Please contact your bailiff or our team at 514-982-3121 to determine this amount before making your payment.