Tribunal administratif du logement

Over the past few years, we have seen a resurgence of cases submitted to the Tribunal administratif du logement. The experience gained by our customer care officers and bailiffs is your guarantee of prompt service anywhere in Quebec.

The services provided by PAQUETTE to individuals and landlords are subject to the same high standards of quality that prevail for our clients in the judicial community and public agencies. Our team can assist owners and tenants by serving their legal documents and executing judgments – even by carrying out evictions and producing official reports.

PAQUETTE can assist landlords and tenants by serving their legal documents, namely requests associated with the non-payment of rent, notice of a rent increase, eviction orders, etc.

PAQUETTE can also help you execute judgments rendered in your favour by the Régie du logement. For example, in cases where a judgment condemns a defaulting tenant to leave the premises, our bailiffs have the authority to evict them. In delicate situations like this, our team always uses tact and acts within the letter of the law.

There are clear benefits to this service, including contributing to quickly putting an end to a conflict situation before proceedings are even launched. For example, a bailiff’s report may be required to establish the state of premises, noise or insalubrity, presence of animals, lack of heating in the winter, verify work, etc.

Impartiality and experience mean that our bailiffs can deliver reports that accurately present the facts. As part of proceedings, a bailiff’s report provides powerful, compelling evidence.

The service to individuals is open

  • To give us a mandate and contact a bailiff: contact the reception at 514-284-1007 extension 0. Our receptionist will take your contact details and refer your call to one of our bailiffs; the latter will then contact you to determine the steps to follow.


  • If you have any questions about our fees, please consult the tariff page on our website.


A deposit is required depending on the services requested.

In terms of serving legal documents, the deposit is mainly determined by the number of kilometers that the bailiff must travel to effect service of the document. Our bailiff will be able to inform you of the amount required once the file analysis has been completed.

In matters of execution, we must first check and do some verifications in the judicial records database before accepting your mandate. To this end, it is essential to make an appointment with our customer service officer. We will then be able to establish the amount of the deposit required depending on the type of file.

The deposit must be paid online at your financial institution. When we receive the sums, we will activate your file.

Service and / or execution reports

We will send you the service and / or execution digitally signed reports by email.