Service of Legal Documents

Through our bailiffs, PAQUETTE can serve your judicial documents. These can include, among other things, a notice or request associated with the non-payment of rent or condo fees. Having a bailiff complete this task rather than rely on registered mail certainly has a positive impact. Service by a bailiff is likely to lead to a speedier settlement of your dispute. An added guarantee that contributes to your case.

Note that all documents submitted to the court must be served, i.e. the legal document in question must officially be brought to the attention of the person concerned. When you entrust this task to our bailiffs, you will have tangible proof that your document was served on the right person.

PAQUETTE has the best team to serve your legal documents. Our customer care officers and experienced bailiffs guide you every step of the way. PAQUETTE offers highly professional notification services at very affordable rates to individuals.

We offer our services to individuals again!

For any request regarding the service of legal documents you can contact us at 514-284-1007, extension 3240.

Please note, however, that this service is offered by telephone only and that any individual who comes to one of our offices will be invited to contact the service at this number.