Bailiffs’ Report

PAQUETTE provides exemplary reporting services. Unfortunately still largely unknown, this service is clearly beneficial as it can have a positive effect and has the potential to quickly put an end to a conflict situation, sometimes even before proceedings are initiated. Reports are a powerful tool. Impartiality and experience mean that our bailiffs can deliver reports that accurately ascertain the facts. A bailiff’s report has a lot of weight in legal proceedings and can make a strong impact.

Note that the new Code of Civil Procedure likens a bailiff’s report to an expert’s appraisal.


  • Proceedings of an annual or extraordinary assembly
  • Verification of work underway or required

Régie du logement

  • State of the premises
  • Noise or insalubrity
  • Presence of animals
  • Lack of heating in winter


  • Water damage
  • State of the premises following damages

Family and matrimonial law:

  • Recovery of personal property from the marital home by an ex-spouse
  • Exchange of custody, to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • Change in child custody entrusting the child to a third party
  • Inventory of goods constituting the family patrimony


  • Inventory of the deceased’s goods
  • Opening of a safe-deposit box with the parties’ consent


  • Take-back of commercial space when tenant is in default (state of the premises, inventory, and changing of the locks)
  • Presence or absence of a registered trademark, product with a protected designation or counterfeit product at a store
  • Proceedings of a shareholder meeting
  • Noise and sound nuisance from an adjacent business


  • Inventory of high-value items belonging to a debtor (jewellery, gold coins, wine collection, paintings and works of art, etc.)

With rapidly emerging information technology and the abundance of activity on social media, web reports now provide solid evidence in conflict situations online. Of course, reports have to be produced as part of an emergency strategy, given the volatile nature of information found on the web. PAQUETTE offers web reporting services, particularly in cases involving equipment malfunctions, data theft, false advertising and non-compliant websites, as well as reputational damage and unfair competition. Gathering credible evidence through a web report is an undeniable advantage to help you restore the situation. PAQUETTE places its most “connected” specialists at your disposal.

We put the skills and experience of assessors subject to the highest standards and the most stringent rules to work for you. Their professionalism is your assurance of certified value.
Our bailiffs assigned to appraisals are trained and certified by the Association québécoise des évaluateurs spécialisés en biens réels et personnels réels et mobiliers (AQEBRPRM).

PAQUETTE has also developed an approach mainly using calls for tenders and private sales, thereby maximizing revenues and minimizing costs to our clients.

PAQUETTE offers inventory services. Once the inventory is complete, our bailiffs submit a comprehensive, precise report signed under the oath of office. This service gives you a concrete advantage when publishing rights, renewing a claim or realizing on rights.