Amicable Collection

The clientele served by PAQUETTE’s team of bailiffs is mainly composed of financial institutions and general businesses. That means that our bailiffs are well aware of the business contexts and issues faced by directors and managers. Our team constantly strives to innovate and improve our service offer based on our clients’ actual needs.

We accordingly created an amicable collection department to assist financial institutions and businesses in their debt recovery process. This department’s success shows that we have identified a real need in today’s business marketplace and provided a very real and appropriate solution.

PAQUETTE gives you a marked advantage. As bailiffs, we can go to the debtor’s home – something collection agencies are not allowed to do. By using our amicable collection services, you are opting for a speedy resolution of the matter in question. Our bailiffs have solid expertise in the collection of secured or unsecured debts. In addition, we offer competitive and affordable rates.

Before taking a matter to court, call our bailiffs. You will appreciate avoiding potential problems associated with a sometimes long and costly legal process.

PAQUETTE helps you quickly recover your unsecured debts, such as accounts receivable, credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit and others. Our bailiffs know how much reputation means to financial institutions and credit card companies, and accordingly always act in a professional manner when dealing with debtors.

The combined efforts of our customer care officers, who stay in close contact with you throughout the collection process, and our bailiffs, with their extensive experience in the business world, will yield positive results for you. Our bailiffs can also arrange for settlement with the debtor if you want to entrust them with this mandate.

As bailiffs, PAQUETTE offers professional support to businesses and financial institutions for the recovery of their secured debts, namely loans guaranteed by title retention or standard charge. Our specialists can first attempt to collect on the overdue balance. Because a bailiff can go to a debtor’s home, they can also serve the appropriate notices in the event that they are unable to obtain the sums claimed.

Note that all debt collection activities are carried out with the utmost professionalism and with a view to optimizing our clients’ success in recovering debts. Our rates are competitive and affordable, and our bailiffs your perfect allies!