Condominiums and Property Management

As a bailiff firm, PAQUETTE is an important ally for any condo owner, manager or syndicate. In fact, our bailiffs can be mandated to produce accurate reports of various situations relating to condominiums.

Our team can also assist the members of a condo board by amicably collecting on overdue condo fees and those associated with the reserve fund.

PAQUETTE also provides high-quality services for the service of your legal documents and execution of your judgments, including evictions.

There are clear benefits to this service, including contributing to quickly putting an end to a conflict situation before proceedings are even launched. For example, a bailiff’s report may be required to establish the state of premises, noise or insalubrity, the presence of animals, lack of heating in the winter, verify work, proceedings of an annual or extraordinary condo assembly, etc.

Web report

With rapidly emerging information technology and the abundance of activity on social media, web reports now provide solid evidence in conflict situations online. PAQUETTE offers web reporting services, particularly in cases involving equipment malfunctions, data theft, false advertising and non-compliant websites, as well as slander, reputational damage and unfair competition.

Impartiality and experience mean that our bailiffs can deliver reports that accurately present the facts. As part of proceedings, a bailiff’s report provides powerful, compelling evidence.

Before taking the matter to court, know that PAQUETTE offers amicable collection services. We are often mandated to collect on condo fees, sums to be deposited to the reserve fund, and various other debts. In addition to speeding up the collection process, amicable settlement can help you avoid future problems associated with a sometimes long and costly legal process.

Our success rate in amicable collection cases helps our clients settle matters more quickly. Also, unlike collection agencies, our bailiffs are able to travel as necessary to meet with your debtor face-to-face.

Our bailiffs always adhere to the rules of practice, comply with the laws in effect, and act with due respect for the parties concerned. You can trust our team for effective amicable settlements!

Through our bailiffs, PAQUETTE can serve judicial documents from condo syndicates and property management companies. These can include a notice or request associated with the non-payment of rent or condo fees. Having a bailiff complete this task rather than rely on registered mail certainly has a positive impact. Service by a bailiff is likely to lead to a speedier settlement of your case. An added guarantee that contributes to your case.

Also, we can serve any legal proceedings to be submitted to the courts. Note that all documents submitted to the court must be served, i.e. the legal document in question must officially be brought to the attention of the person concerned. When you entrust this task to our bailiffs, you will have tangible proof that your document was served on the right person.

PAQUETTE has the best team to serve your legal documents.

Once you obtain a ruling in your favour, if the opposing party refuses to pay the sums claimed, you can hire Paquette to execute the judgment. In other words, our bailiffs will take legal means to force the opposing party to pay its debt. In cases where a judgment condemns a defaulting tenant to leave the premises, our bailiffs have the authority to evict them. In delicate situations like this, our team always uses tact and acts within the letter of the law.

Note that in Quebec, only a bailiff can execute a court judgment and help you obtain reparation if the debtor refuses to abide by the ruling rendered against them.