Bailiffs’ Report

PAQUETTE provides exemplary reporting services. Unfortunately little known, this service presents clear benefits and can contribute to quickly putting an end to a conflict situation before proceedings are even launched. For matters submitted to the Régie du logement or small claims court and litigious situations associated with condominiums, a report may be needed to establish the state of premises, noise or insalubrity, presence of animals, lack of heating in the winter, proceedings of an annual general or extraordinary assembly, verify work, etc.

Web report

With rapidly emerging information technology and the abundance of activity on social media, web reports now provide solid evidence in conflict situations online. PAQUETTE offers web reporting services, particularly in cases involving equipment malfunctions, data theft, false advertising and non-compliant websites, as well as slander, reputational damage and unfair competition.

Reports are in fact a powerful tool. Impartiality and experience mean that our bailiffs can deliver reports that accurately present the facts. As part of proceedings, a bailiff’s report provides powerful, compelling evidence.