Paquette & Associés was started in 1973 by Jean Marc Paquette. From the very beginning the Company was imbued with the founding president’s core values: daring, persistence, the drive to surpass oneself, and the art of a job well done. Today, PAQUETTE is the leading bailiff firm in Quebec. Now the largest in America, the PAQUETTE team provides solid expertise and excellent services to thousands of clients, no matter how big, complicated, or urgent the mandate is or the geographical area concerned. Over the years, PAQUETTE has innovated and evolved in response to its clients’ needs. We have the flexibility we need to adjust to new situations and the forethought to see them coming.

PAQUETTE gives its clients a unique competitive advantage by operating out of three offices, located in Brossard, Laval and Montreal. This geographic distribution of our services provides significant savings to our clients, which include notaries, lawyers, court clerks, municipalities, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals.

Because each of our offices constitutes a starting point, we are able to keep the billable mileage travelled by our bailiffs down. PAQUETTE is the only bailiff firm in Quebec to offer this advantage.

PAQUETTE has over forty years of experience as a bailiff firm. With over 130 individuals – including some 60 professionals – we have the largest team in Quebec to serve documents and execute legal proceedings on your behalf. For example, PAQUETTE serves and executes about 360,000 legal documents and judgments annually.

PAQUETTE: experts in the enforcement of judgments

PAQUETTE’s team includes some sixty bailiffs, who can execute any order and/or seizure, big or small. Our seasoned team is highly qualified and offers high-level expertise.

PAQUETTE: the only bailiff firm in Quebec with job tracking software

Our latest technological investment enables us to ensure the highest-quality interventions, particularly by helping us manage notification deadlines. With our job tracking tool, we are able to keep a firm handle on the quality of our services and achieve a high rate of notices successfully served at the right times while keeping costs down for clients.

Other tech tools: computer system and PAQUETTE Web

Our computer system allows our bailiffs to draft service reports from their vehicles. That means that our clients can quickly receive confirmation that documents have effectively been served, if they want.

Our online services available through PAQUETTE Web give our clients secure remote access to our bailiffs’ minutes and billing records. Our clients can also use this new online service to provide us with their instructions and to submit pick-up requests for documents or proceedings.

PAQUETTE’s services are not limited by borders. From the Company’s offices in Brossard, Laval and Montreal, our team directly serves over 300 municipalities in the Greater Montreal area. Using a reliable network of correspondents, we have been able to extend our operations to the rest of Quebec, Canada, the United States, many European countries and elsewhere in the world, offering the same outstanding service. Borders are no issue.

You can trust PAQUETTE to serve documents overseas in accordance with the rules of practice. Our team knows the rules established by the Hague Convention on the service abroad of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters.


Discipline, commitment to quality, professionalism, and exceptional relations with each client are what set PAQUETTE apart. It is no accident that the Company has a very high notification success rate. All operations are carried out by professionals following a tried and true method, and meticulously monitored to provide the most appropriate and timely services possible.

We can also assist our clients in areas not related to traditional services. Over the years we have kept up with our clients’ needs and continued to provide innovative, integrated services.

PAQUETTE’s team is the largest one of its kind in America. With an impressive depth of knowledge of the legal system and solid field experience, every member of our team is able to support and help our clients find the best solutions for serving documents and/or executing legal proceedings.

We have always worked to adjust our services based on the particular needs of our clients and respond to changes in legal services. We continuously strive to provide the most comprehensive and appropriate services to meet your needs, no matter the scope or urgency of the matter. Thanks to our experience and sizeable team of experts, you get impeccable service, both here in Quebec and abroad.

Social commitment

Jean Marc Paquette Foundation

PAQUETTE maintains a deep social commitment, in particular through a foundation bearing the name of the Company’s founder, who passed away in 2008. The mission of the Jean Marc Paquette Foundation is to raise money for health initiatives and social issues. It achieves its goals through fundraising campaigns and annual events calling upon people and companies from the legal and business communities.

PAQUETTE is committed to continuing the work started by its founder by supporting the Jean Marc Paquette Foundation, which in turn supports women with breast cancer and their families. The CLARA and SAFIR programs, among others, benefit from the money raised as part of various activities.

Every year, PAQUETTE contributes to the organization of the Foundation’s Classique Juri Golf event. This golf tournament attracts close to 300 golfers and now helps raise sums in excess of $200,000. The Foundation also organizes various annual activities as part of fundraising campaigns, like the Dîner gastronomique.