Small Claims

With the cap on claims having been raised to $15,000, more and more cases are being submitted to small claims court by citizens wanting to assert their rights. We are sensitive to the fact that the legal process may seem complex to the layperson. When a judgment rendered in your favour is not respected by the opposing party, call us. PAQUETTE has a seasoned team of client care officers who stay in close, professional contact with you and support you throughout the execution process. In addition, our experienced bailiffs have a proven track record demonstrating their ability to successfully settle matters related to execution of a judgment in your favour. This pairing of high-level skills reflects our commitment to quality!

Before launching proceedings in small claims court, it is customary to notify the party being challenged. PAQUETTE provides individuals with highly professional notification services at very affordable rates. Our bailiffs officially bring your legal notice to the attention of the person concerned. Having a bailiff complete this task rather than rely on registered mail certainly has a positive impact. Service by a bailiff likely to lead to a quicker settlement of your matter, before you even need to launch proceedings in small claims court. An added guarantee that will only help your case.

Once you obtain a ruling in your favour, if the opposing party refuses to pay the sums claimed, you can hire Paquette to execute the judgment. In other words, our bailiffs will take legal means to force the opposing party to pay their debt. Note that in Quebec, only a bailiff can execute a court judgment and help you obtain reparation if the debtor against which you obtained a ruling refuses to abide by the court’s decision.

PAQUETTE provides meticulous support to ensure that the judgment in question is executed. For example, we can support you in the garnishment of wages or seizure of movable and immovable assets.

We offer our services to individuals again!

For any request regarding the execution of a judgment rendered in your favour, you can contact us at 514-284-1007, ext. 3239.

Please note, however, that this service is offered by telephone only and that any individual who comes to one of our offices will be invited to contact the service at this number.