Seizure / Execution of Judgment

PAQUETTE has established a team specifically devoted to seizures before judgment and execution of judgments. Our customer care officers – who serve as the single, permanent point of contact with each one of our clients – work with some 15 experienced bailiffs specialized in execution of judgement. Their combined efforts ensure effective, successful interventions.

PAQUETTE is a leading enforcer of the new Code of Civil Procedure as regards seizures and execution of judgments. You are in the right place to properly address the major changes coming soon!

Whether we’re talking about movable property, immovable property, bank accounts, corporate shares or other, our expert bailiffs promptly execute your warrants. Working in constant collaboration with you, they determine the best way to proceed. Their years of experience and seizure skills ensure the best results.

PAQUETTE handles more than 11,000 execution of judgment cases every year. We have the expertise, the method, and the answers to your questions!

For seizures of movable property, immovable property, or in a third persons’ hands, we are there for you. Our team of customer care officers makes sure you receive regular follow-up emails or telephone calls to inform you of the progress made in your case. Our bailiffs do everything in their power to settle your case in the way that is most favourable to you.

PAQUETTE has built a reputation of excellence for itself thanks to our bailiffs’ extensive expertise demonstrated in the field. They distinguish themselves with the discipline and high degree of professionalism with which they work. An elite team at your service!

PAQUETTE is THE firm specializing in computer seizures and Anton Piller orders and searches. Our team of bailiffs are the most qualified to carry out this type of work. Whenever needed, we work closely with computer technicians, who keep us up to speed on the latest technology to ensure our success in these cases.

Thanks to our large team of bailiffs with field experience, we are able to dispatch several bailiffs to act simultaneously in different locations to execute these warrants. Our coordinated efforts yield outstanding results, even in complex or sensitive situations.

One of PAQUETTE’s main partners, François Taillefer, is a recognized expert in Anton Piller searches and orders. He is regularly asked to serve as a training instructor or speaker on this subject.

Our team is always very tactful when executing eviction orders. For elegits, our team of bailiffs can help you locate the goods named in a judgment.

PAQUETTE has experienced professionals with the skills and training they need to optimize the selling price of seized assets for the benefit of our clients. These professionals know the value of the items sold, and they have seen it all!

When it comes to sales under judicial authority, our duty of impartiality requires us to sell the assets however will be most beneficial to protect the interests of all the creditors and the debtor. Our extensive experience in this area comes in very handy and ensures the quickest, most fruitful settlements. PAQUETTE’s specialized team carries out around 400 sales under judicial authority per year. Every sale is meticulously monitored and our customer care officers guide you through the process.