Traditional Services

PAQUETTE is Quebec’s leading bailiff firm. Our success can without question be attributed to our large team known for their expertise, discipline, and professionalism. Our bailiffs and highly skilled customer care officers provide faultless service to financial institutions and businesses in line with their business practices. When you entrust us with your mandates, you come out on top: best possible quality of the work done, quick turnaround, and lower fees!

Year in and year out, PAQUETTE serves and executes around 360,000 legal documents and judgments. Our team can confidently handle a very high volume of requests in a short period of time. With unremitting productivity we work 24/7 over a vast area: more than 300 municipalities in the Greater Montreal area and all judicial districts in Quebec through our network of correspondents.

We also created a department dedicated to service requests in Canada, the United States and around the world. Our experienced staff is there for you, anywhere in the world.

PAQUETTE provides highly professional notification services to financial institutions and businesses at very affordable rates. Our bailiffs officially bring your legal document to the attention of the person concerned, such as a notice, payment request, recourse or any other procedure to be submitted to the courts. Having a bailiff complete this task rather than rely on registered mail certainly has a positive impact.  Also, by entrusting this task to our bailiffs, you get tangible proof that your document was served on the right person. An added guarantee that contributes to the settlement of your court case.

PAQUETTE has the best team to serve your documents.

PAQUETTE can provide you with meticulous support to execute a judgment rendered in your favour. For example, we can assist you in the garnishment of wages, seizure of movable and immovable property, or execution of an eviction order.

We have a seasoned team of client care officers who stay in close, professional contact with you throughout the legal process. In addition, our experienced bailiffs have a proven track record demonstrating their ability to successfully fulfill your needs regarding execution of a judgment. This pairing of high-level skills reflects our commitment to quality!

Note that in Quebec, only a bailiff can execute a court judgment and help you obtain reparation if the debtor refuses to abide by the ruling rendered against them. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can make things easier for you!

There are clear benefits to this service, including contributing to quickly putting an end to a conflict situation before proceedings are even launched. For example, a bailiff’s report may be required to establish the state of premises or the state of financed assets, verify work, etc.

Web report

With rapidly emerging information technology and the abundance of activity on social media, web reports now provide solid evidence in conflict situations online. PAQUETTE offers web reporting services, particularly in cases involving equipment malfunctions, data theft, false advertising and non-compliant websites, as well as slander, reputational damage and unfair competition.

Impartiality and experience mean that our bailiffs can deliver reports that accurately present the facts. As part of proceedings, a bailiff’s report provides powerful, compelling evidence.

We put the skills and experience of assessors subject to the highest standards and the most stringent rules to work for you. Their professionalism is your assurance of certified value.

Our bailiffs assigned to appraisals are trained and certified by the Association québécoise des évaluateurs spécialisés en biens réels et personnels  réels et mobiliers (AQEBRPRM).

PAQUETTE also offers inventory services. Once the inventory is complete, our bailiffs submit a comprehensive, precise report signed under the oath of office. This service gives you a concrete advantage when publishing rights, renewing a claim or realizing on rights.